The last two weeks….

has been a hive of activity in this house. I’m still shocked I got into college and am now studying Fitness, Health and Exercise HNC!

Still managed the Lemon cupcakes I wanted to try and the children loved them! The went down a storm with them so that was great.


Then just for Findlay I made ghost busters!

IMG_0195 IMG_0196 IMG_0197 IMG_0199

It’s been good to make cakes just for the family though next week is busy with 3 large cakes so watch this space… again 🙂

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Been a while

So, on reflection, a lot of things have changed in the last few month’s and I have decided to do something I enjoy doing aka cakes. Now I have more time, I can practice, increase my skills base and make the cakes without distractions when everyone is at work/school and hopefully get better and better.

With that in mind, I spent yesterday adding the facebook page to various local groups, looking at various new idea’s and uploading pictures of cakes made but never added and looking out the blog again.

It amazes me, looking at this blog how far I have come since I started in 2011, with very little time to devote to really expand what I was learning. I also can see how much I enjoy the making cakes and for this reason I am going back to making cakes and the blog… but on a bigger scale than before.

Watch this space….

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Long time no cupcakes

no being here 😦

Well it’s been a while, and though I haven’t not made cupcakes, it’s been a while since I posted anything.

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Can’ believe it’s been so long but I am baking again :)

Right… after what’s been a very busy new months with a new job for each of us and losing the blog page for months… I’m up and running with time to make cupcakes etc again, doing some craft fairs and hopefully just might have time to start jewellery making again… I can wish.

So my latest was the Cupcake Bouquets – I think there is a nice difference from the first one as I’ve learnt how to make them better, as well as making Fathers day cupcakes…

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For any crafters amongst the followers here – this is a cracking project and blog post about handy storage solutions that are unique and very versatile 🙂

Handy Woodcrafts -Drew & Donna Keenan

Yesterday we went to the Edinburgh bead fair as an exhibitor but we were not selling beads, wire, findings or anything that most people would expect to find at a bead fair. We make items to help craftspeople display their finished goods and make things easier when making them.

Table full of displays

So Today I am going to focus on a new concept that our friends at Silver Thistle Beads talked to us about and we developed the idea and took it along with us to the bead fair to show to people who may have a use for it.

The portable beading project box!

Ok so have any of you who do intricate beading work  ever put your project to one side only to return to it and find that your kids, or pets have knocked it flying? I bet you have and I can only imagine how you felt and what you wished you could…

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Blogging on the move ?

Morning 🙂 so just downloaded the wordpress app for my generic fruit smart phone and wondered how many others out there blog on the move, currently I am sat in the car park at Tesco. . . Good idea or bad ?

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If you voted for or have been interested in the Enterprise Fund 101 application for Handy Woodcrafts here is what Drew and Donna have put their funding towards 🙂

Handy Woodcrafts -Drew & Donna Keenan

The Nice man from TNT delivered these 2 boxes of goodies to me erlier. I ordered them on Friday from Axminster Tool Center after humming and hawing about what I needed to help me in the production of our items. The much needed funds came from Enterprise Nations Fund 101. I applied for a £500 grant in September last year and to qualify I had to acheive 500 votes from people I knew like family and friends, I also spent time networking on facebook, forums and to some extent on twitter (I am a twitter novice). It took me just shy of 6 months to gather the needed votes but in all honesty now I have these boxes sitting here it was all worth it. I feel like I owe a lot of people a huge thank you because without your help I would not have been able to afford these tools.

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